Paint with a Purpose

Kelly Forbes, founder of San Diego’s LOVE Painting Company donates Paint Makeovers to non profits.

The mission of  LOVE Painting Company is to inspire San Diegans to live happier lives by beautifying their homes and businesses.  LOVE Painting Company takes that mission seriously and offers it to even those who may not be able to afford their services.

When asked about why the company started donating their services the founder, Kelly Forbes had this to say;

“Being in a beautiful space that you take pride in makes a huge difference in everyone’s lives.  Sometimes, something as simple as changing the color of the walls in a classroom can help children to feel more relaxed and lead to better outcomes.  We cannot reserve this service for only those who can afford it so that’s why I decided to donate Paint Makeovers to the non profits who need us most in San diego.”

LOVE Painting Company is seeking out new recipients for Paint Makeovers.  Please send inquiries to